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Finance Trails

Finance Trails is a Web 2.0 application which I have developed along with my partner Paul Walsh
It provides a very powerful financial management & online bugdeting services. It's a good way to keep track of your incomes & expenses by simply entering them to the application and analyzing your financial behavior and get more mileage from your money!
However this site is only the commercial site which represents all the features of the application which is up next.

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El Al Virtual Airlines

Very rich user experience was the key factor when developing the El Al Virtual Airlines website
Basically intended for Flight Simulator enthusiasts that want an extra layer of reality on top of the Flight Simulator
Platform which is developed by Microsoft. The website offers very sophisticated systems to book flights , manage aircraft registrations , flight roster , pre flight information , weather reports and maps , flight plans and much more!

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Finance Trails | Application

In the minute you lay your eyes on Finance Trails , the ease of use becomes visible. Countless hours have been put down to make sure the entire interface is Ajax–based. There is essentialy no need to refresh the browser when working with the application in 99% of the actions possible within it. The charts represent data in a very powerful way allowing you insights that are simply not available anywhere else! It's important to say that this application is a continuous WIP (Work in progess) – We always add new features to this application in order to make it a better solution for your home & business needs alike.

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Liat Cohen | Lawyer

Liat Cohen is a lawyer who specializes in Accident cases , Rental contracts , Damages to your own property while in a car/motorcycle accident, Company opening , renaming or any other form of company actions required. She operates from her office in Rehovot and has vast experience in her field.

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JsDatePick Calendar

JsDatePick is a Javascript calendar I have developed as an internal module of Finance Trails which I later on decided to publish as a free package for all developers to download. It became pretty popular and has more than 45,000 downloads worldwide already. Many are pleased with it's light weight construction and versatility.

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Smsave - RSVP via SMS

Smsave is an RSVP service which offers very cheap RSVP via SMS messages sent directly to your mobile phone. Compared to the competition , Smsave offers an unparalleled quality of service and discrete feeling to the end customers which don't get annoyed by a representative asking them about their arrival status to an event.
Smsave is good for weddings , bar mitzvas , ceremonies , conferences and basically any event which earns from the prior knowledge of who is going to show up or not.
Notice: Smsave is currently available only in Israel

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SMS 4 Party

SMS 4 Party is like the big brother to Smsave. It offers the same services as Smsave does , but in a much more professional attitude. SMS 4 Party is built for professionals who consume SMSs in much larger quantities (Like SMS Resellers , Shops , Restaurants , Clubs , etc..) The system offers very easy and intuitive groups management and batch sends timings based on a desired date and time.
Notice: SMS 4 Party is currently available only in Israel

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Karmawar is a very fun , web application game which is intended for all ages. The idea is to collect a roster of slaves , workers and warriors. In addition you need to let the slaves collect all kinds of technologies and resources such as wood , iron and gold. You can then use all of these to either buy weapons that help you survive better in the game. The combat is currently very static, but still have a very powerful formula that takes into account luck factor , your weapons , your resources and the amount of soliders you have at your disposal. At the end of each season which last around 4 months , we give away prizes worth of 2000 NIS to the podium places.

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Warehouse #52

Warehouse #52 is a joint effort by Cellcom , The local muncipal of Yeruham , Israel and a few more nice contributors in order to give more interest for the youth of Yeruham to have fun and learn more about music , play , enrichment and more! The center has a recording studio , lots of instruments for the youth people to play with and learn on , all done with excellent atmosphere and great teachers , who are also young people from Yeruham who are responsible for running the courses and the daily programmes of the place.

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Software Projects Inc

Software Projects Inc is a software company that deals essentially with everything needed for an online business to live & grow. It is also my current work place where I am a Web Developer for many clients. Software Projects Inc (or SPI for short) has many world wide branches. The team is capable of SEO , Web Design , C/C++ programming , The entire web spectrum of Languages , SPI has more than 3000 clients world wide enjoying excellent service , offered under a very unique and capable administration platform , featuring more than 80 services and modules.

Current workplace since 2009


Mel Alexenberg

Mel Alexenberg is an artist, educator, writer, and blogger working at the interface between art, technology, culture and Jewish consciousness. His artworks are in the collections of more than forty museums worldwide. He is head of the Emuna College School of the Arts in Jerusalem and was head a regional college in Yeroham when he was professor at Bar Ilan University in the 1970's. In USA, he was art professor at Columbia University and research fellow at MIT’s Center for Advanced Visual Studies. Alexenberg is the author of The Future of Art in the Postdigital Age: From Hellenistic to Hebraic Consciousness (Intellect Books/University of Chicago Press, 2011) and in Hebrew Dialogic Art in a Digital World: Judaism and Contemporary Art, 2008.

His website is equipped with a custom made back office system for updating info on his biography, artworks, blogs, books and papers.

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SMS Winner

SMS Winner is an application I developed at Practical Solutions Inc. It's basically a bidding website via SMS where the concept of the auction is actually a game based on the lowest price possible you can bid as long as no one else hasn't bid that price already. Then once the auction comes to an end, the lowest non bidded twice offer is the winner of the auction's product. This game was ran very efficiently via a custom made back office system and a smart infrastructure of Web Server , SMS Gateway and Database machine all co–existing to support the massive queries per second running on the auctions leading bid's table. This was a major web architechture structure that gave me a lot of experience and knowledge that goes along with me up until today when I develop new ideas or comes across problems with my clients.
This application is no longer online unfortunately

Built 2006 | Technologies: PHP , AJAX , MySQL (Including Stored Procedures), Javascript , CSS2 , XHTML



247LUV is an online dating website which I developed for Practical Solutions Inc as well. This application was launched for the European and American markets as a very rich dating website , all ran with Ajax and a very well capable chat application too. This application offered a very unique experience and has a very well developed matching formula.
This application is no longer online unfortunately

Built 2007 | Technologies: PHP , AJAX , MySQL, Javascript , CSS2 , XHTML


Bridge IL

Bridge IL is a website to promote the Bridge card game tournaments in the Isareli league. This website was built to allow players of the Israeli league to view tournaments results , search their results and also register for SMS alerts when new results are uploaded to the system for them to view.
I have also developed a very sophisticated back office system which is capable of receiving and parsing tournaments XML result files generated by the scoring software of the Isareli Bridge League.

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Baz Haifa Aviation Club

Baz Haifa is an aviation club located near the domestic airport of Haifa , Israel. The club owns a few Cessna aircrafts and has a respectable members club. The website was born to manage the bookings of aircrafts by the various club members to make sure it's done electronically and more efficiently.

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Checker Systems

Checker systems offers many services that are survey and statistics related in general. My interaction with the company was under 1 specific module – the surveys module. I have developed a very sophisticated form that is capable of generating charts of random parameters collected differntly for each company that has aquired the survey service from Checker systems. The chart would show the data collected by the surveys filled by the end customers so that the businesses owners would know how to revise their service based on the data collected and presented on the charts.
The actual module is a part of their paid system and therefore cannot be accessed without a proper account.

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Poopic is a rich dating platform that included online chat and was based on SMS messages for members charging. It offered a unique experience that was not available at the time being an all Ajax interface. While working on this system I have also created a few back office systems that were used by the Service department of Poopic. Poopic was also a part of Practical Solutions Inc.
This application is no longer online unfortunately

Built 2006 | Technologies: PHP , AJAX, Flash, MySQL, Javascript , CSS2 , XHTML



WhiteSmoke is the most comprehensive grammar checker in the world today. While it comprises several writing tools, such as a dictionary, a thesaurus and ready-made letter templates, its core feature is its advanced grammar checker. WhiteSmoke provides advanced options that other programs such as Microsoft Word do not provide. I worked at Whitesmoke during the years 2007 and 2008 , being shared between the Web team and the R&D team. I worked on various projects in the company including the Web Enrichment application, the application itself , Resellers system , RSS Feeds Management system , Google checkout integration , Credit card billing software , the commercial website and shopping cart and more..

Workplace years 2007 through 2008 | Technologies: PHP , AJAX, MySQL, Javascript , CSS2 , XHTML


NCC – Negev Cycling Club

NCC is the first official cycling club in the south of Israel , formed by my friend and coach Lev Kholmer. The club has many members from various towns across the southern area of Israel including Beer Sheva , Dimona , Lehavim , Yeruham , Mashavei Sade and more. The club has won numerous awards and podium places during 2010 and is hoping for more to come in the upcoming races!

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Trainer 4 Life

Trainer4 Life is a sports & health website that offers personal 1 on 1 coaching for anyone who wants to get to the next level in his fitness or sport goals. Whether you're running , Cycling , Weight Lifting or just want to be in better shape Trainer 4 Life has the articles , knowledge and personal trainers to get you there!

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Prime Motor

Prime Motor is an Israeli leasing company based in Israel with 3 branches: Rishon Letzion , Hertzilia and Modiyin.
It performs private leasing for all private & corporate clients in Israel with very competitive pricing.

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Sportyshop is an Israel online sport equipment shop that sells everything from sport nutrition to tubes and tyres for cycing. It was built based on the OpenCart free shopping cart kit.

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SportyMag - Sportyshop's bicycle blog

SportyMag is the Bicycle magazine that is the second part of the sport shop portal, it offers trip recommendations in Israel, Tips on training , dietary , world wide cycling news and more!

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PRJTS is a new project I'm working on with my partner Paul Walsh.
More information on that one coming soon! Stay tuned!

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